The 4th Annual Duke City Ditch Comp in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This years competition saw the obstacles at a greater height than ever placed atop a plywood deck covering the dirt, a long flat rail embedded across the channels and a bike rack adjacent to the pyramid box resting crooked on the ditch bank – a rugged course not for the timid blader.  Each skater with each trick was putting it all on the line in hopes to appease the blade gods. Jarrod Banning earned first place with precise consistent grinds on all the obstacles throughout the comp. Jeremy Spira took second place with excellent some true topsides across the rainbow (and several stylish attempts at disaster 360 soul grind down the pyramid box). 3rd Chris Burns managed 3rd Place and Tie for Best Trick (Royale Disaster AOTP down the pyramid box) with Jarod McBay (True Kind Grind on the Laid Out Rail in 125mm wheels). 4th Place went to Kenny Scherf.  Holding it down after some technical difficulties, Albuquerque Local TJ Lester grabbed 5th place. It’s always a beautiful backdrop graced by the Sandia Foothills and that perfect sunshine. Thanks Jeremy Morgan, Dom Gallegos and all the Albuquerque crew for working together to make this happen again this year. Looking forward to next year. ( Photos )


Duke City Ditch Comp 2016 photos for you all.

Not much to say since we already enjoyed the 2017 Duke City Ditch Comp this year.

Exceptional skating on high obstacles with a beautiful view of the Sandia Mountains to the East and the Volcanoes to the West.

Looking forward to another next year.

Probably not all these tricks were landed….but here’s everyone throwing down and having a good time.


1st – Austin Cooper

2nd – Kenny Scherf

3rd – TJ Lester.

( Photos )



Alex Broskow, Cj Wellsmore and Alex Wick at Blading Cup 2015

Blading Cup 2015 was the third I attended and I was happy to bring two very good friends along for the fun.  We arrived to a beautiful day in downtown Santa Ana where the streets were filled with celebrations of Dia De Los Muertos, various musical performances and a plethora of excited rollerbladers.  It was great to see friends who had traveled from all over the world to be there but unfortunately never enough time to spend with them all.  With the course finally set up the 17 and under competition got underway and we saw some good shredding from the next generation of bladers.  Next, as the Bladies competition started heating up, we saw some very impressive and stylish trick vocabulary on display across every obstacle on the course.  After a brief intermission the open competition started and we got see a lot of high energy skating from an international array of bladers as they tried to earn the extra spots in the pro competition.  The sheer number of entries in the open competition meant a long day ahead and with an early sunset the generators were fired up to keep the action going into the evening.  As the competition became more intense the crowd responded in acquiring more and more patrons to watch the incredible athletics.  We started seeing bigger airs, bigger grinds, bigger cheers and importantly bigger smiles.  As precision and style had increased through the first few rounds of the pro competition the last round left us even more impressed with the accuracy, speed and bravery of skaters being overshadowed only by the cheers and reactions earned from the crowd. photos

Blading Cup 2015
7 November 2015



The Hand Eye Collective’s Immiscible Polarity Installation at the Harwood Art Center in Albuquerque, NM.

An Excerpt from Duke City Fix:

“Immiscible Polarity is an exploration of beginnings and ends and the moments of space, experience, oppositions and attractions that take place in between. Referencing the infinite connection between the start of something and the beginning of something else, each end being physically separate, polar and singular, yet ironically part of a whole and fused – an amalgamation of experience, texture, structure and order (or chaos).”

“The Hand Eye is a collection of individuals looking to expand horizons through large-scale installation art. Members have strong backgrounds in various forms of fabrication based art. Together their skill sets combine to create a splendid diversity, aimed to spread wonder and joy throughout the land.”

Collective members are:

Christopher Blaz, builder/ installation art

David Cudney, found-object installation

Joel Davis, tile mosaic

Lance Ryan McGoldrick, found-object installation

Mandy Hanks, community organizer

Casey Warr, metal sculptor



Lance Ryan McGoldrick’s Balance Installation at the Harwood Art Gallery in Albquerque, New Mexico. “Balance is an experiment in individualism through repetition, showcasing the connectivity present in existence. Lance seeks to create large-scale installations, combining geometry, light and found materials with an aim to create immersive environments producing a sense of wonder.”